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Library Guide: Monthly Reading Lists

Monthly Reading Lists

by Guylaine Thioulouse on 2019-07-16T09:59:00+02:00 | Comments
Stay up-to-date on the latest news and information about ICTs

Each month, the ITU Library selects the most up-to-date information on topics related to ITU’s work and activities from our subscriptions to 200+ electronic resources. We publish our selection in a Monthly Reading List that provides you with easy access to key resources on each topic.

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How do I access the full text of items in the Monthly Reading List? 

The full text of all items in the Monthly Reading List is available from any computer connected to the ITU network. At ITU Headquarters, use a computer connected to the Blue LAN or a mobile device connected to ITU Headquarters Wi-Fi.

Remote access is also available for ITU staff members by using Remote Desktop or by connecting with a VPN (contact the IS Service Desk for assistance).

Thematic reading lists - ITU Library Catalogue

All the references that have appeared in our Monthly Reading Lists since 2017 are searchable in the ITU Library catalogue.

  • Select a keyword from the list here to see all the articles we have selected on that topic
  • Search with your own keywords in the ITU Library catalogue’s Citation Collection

You will have access to the full text of all items in the library catalogue - just like the Monthly Reading Lists.

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